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Cooking Oils from Crete

Manolakis Olive Oil: A Culinary Gem from Crete"


In the heart of the Mediterranean, where the sun-kissed landscapes of Crete meet ancient olive groves, a culinary treasure has emerged – Manolakis Olive Oil. With a legacy rooted in tradition, a commitment to purity, and a taste that reflects the region's rich history. Manolakis Olive Oil has not only captured the essence of Cretan cuisine but has also garnered international acclaim. Winning Silver awards in Berlin and London in 2022 and a prestigious Gold award in Athens in 2023.

The Essence of Manolakis Olive Oil:

Olive oil Manolakis from House of Crete gold award Athens 2023

What sets Manolakis Olive Oil apart is its impeccable quality, derived from olives that grace 500-year-old trees. These ancient groves, scattered across the picturesque landscapes of Crete. Contribute to an olive oil that embodies the purest essence of nature. The mild flavor profile of this golden elixir makes it a versatile companion in the kitchen.  Capable of enhancing a wide range of dishes.

Versatility in the Kitchen:

Manolakis Olive Oil is more than just a cooking essential – it's a culinary companion that elevates every meal. With a smoke point reaching up to 200 degrees Celsius, this olive oil is ideal for various cooking techniques. From sautéing to roasting. Its subtle, fruity notes make it a perfect addition to salads. Adding a delightful touch to fresh greens and vegetables. But the versatility doesn't end there. Drizzle it over a slice of crusty bread, and you'll experience a simple yet exquisite delight that speaks volumes about the purity of this Cretan gem.

Tradition and Traceability:

Manolakis Olive Oil is more than a product; it's a journey through time and tradition. The olive oil is meticulously crafted using traditional methods passed down through generations. Ensuring that the ancient art of olive oil production is preserved. The commitment to traceability is another hallmark of the Manolakis brand. Each bottle or tin can be traced back to the local farms where the olives are grown. This direct connection from farm to table not only enhances transparency but also guarantees an authentic and unadulterated product.

Awards and Recognition:

The accolades speak volumes about the exceptional quality of Manolakis Olive Oil. Winning the Silver awards in Berlin and London in 2022 and the prestigious Gold award in Athens in 2023. This is a testament to the dedication and passion that goes into crafting this culinary masterpiece. These awards not only recognize the excellence of Manolakis Olive Oil but also showcase the best that Cretan cuisine has to offer on the international stage.


In the realm of olive oils, Manolakis stands out as a true embodiment of Cretan excellence. From the ancient olive groves to the international awards. Each drop of Manolakis Olive Oil tells a story of tradition, purity, and a deep connection to the land. For those seeking the finest quality cooking oil, Manolakis is more than just a choice. It's an experience that transports you to the sun-drenched landscapes of Crete, where every bottle encapsulates centuries of history and a commitment to perfection. Welcome to the House of Crete, where the best quality cooking oil finds its way from the farm to your table.


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